Ehsan Educational & Cultural Complex
In The Name Of GOD.
A glimpse into the establishment of the Ehsan Educational and Cultural Complex Many years ago, a man followed his dream to build a large educational and cultural complex in his home-town Shiraz, which is also the home to many prominent literary and cultural persona. During his youth, Eshagh Falasiri's appetite for knowledge and education directed him towards the outside world and out of Shiraz. With this curiosity, he found a second home in Germany. As a result of his hard work and perseverance, he received a scholarship to proceed his studies in Aircraft Engineering in Germany which later resulted in his financial success. Giving such educational opportunities to other young individuals in his home-town and access to scholarships to become independent individuals in society was the main objective for Mr. Eshagh Falasiri to build the Ehsan Educational and Cultural Complex. The complex has been solely financed by Mr. Eshagh Falasiri personally to pass on the opportunities that he was blessed with during his life on to the next generations to become similarly successful.